Paolo Pininfarina, 65, Passed Away

Sadly, one of the scions of a well-known Italian family has died. The Pininfarina Group chairman, Paolo Pininfarina, died in Turin earlier today. He was sixty-five. The firm said his mother, Giorgi, Gianolio, his wife,e Ilaria, and his five children were there.

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Paolo Pininfarina has Died Aged 65:

The head of the Pininfarina Group, Paolo Pininfarina, passed away in Turin earlier today. His age was 65. The business claimed in an official statement that his mother, Giorgia Gianolio, his wife, Ilaria, and his five children were all there.

CEO Silvio Angori of the firm stated: “We are all incredibly grateful to Eng. Pininfarina, thank you for your extraordinary company leadership and for always aggressively advocating for our history and corporate identity – in terms of style and ethical and behavioral choices.”

Paolo Pininfarina: Who Is He and His Career?

One of the scions of this illustrious Italian dynasty, Paolo Pininfarina, was born in Turin on August 28, 1958. Carrozzeria Pinin Farina, a design firm whose contribution to the evolution of the vehicle is immeasurable, was founded in 1930 by his grandfather Battista.

In dynasties, succession is often a contentious issue. Paolo Pininfarina became Chairman of the firm when his elder brother Andrea was murdered in August 2008 while riding his Vespa close to the Cambiano headquarters. However, he was qualified. Paolo started working for the family business in 1982 after receiving his mechanical engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin. Before joining the company, he held Cadillac, Honda, and GM positions.

Pininfarina is most recognized for its contributions to the automobile industry, having designed over 600 vehicles, including Ferraris. Nevertheless, the business is also a major force in industrial design. Paolo Pininfarina was an expert in furniture, architectural, nautical, and aeronautical design. Compared to his boisterous sibling, he was a calmer, more contemplative person who claimed to have inherited his father Sergio’s composure.

He claimed that this had come in handy during the trying times that followed the 2008 financial crisis. He took great pride in the expertise he acquired outside the automotive industry.

Automobili Pininfarina is a new brand that Pininfarina S.p.A. has introduced to its portfolio. was honored to meet Paolo at a 2018 preview of the Battista electric hypercar, which bears his grandfather’s name.

He told TG, “Battista was an anomaly—one in a million.” Three things are necessary for an outlier to succeed: talent, dedication, and the good fortune to be born and reared in the correct circumstances. Born in Turin in 1893, he was surrounded by gifted individuals who had investigated the car’s destiny.

“Success came with these three things.”

He tried all in his power to keep it that way. We offer his family our deepest sympathies.

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