‘Voice Of And For Kansas City’, A Longtime Radio DJ Brian, Falls Died From Cancer

On Wednesday morning, the voice that Kansas City residents have been familiar with for almost 30 years becomes silent. Representatives at 101 Following a fight with cancer, beloved radio DJ Brian “Slacker” Adams passed away, the Fox reported on Wednesday morning.

DJ Brian
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DJ Brian Cause Of Death, Obituary

The radio station wrote on Facebook, “Slacker had two great passions, his family and his time on the air in Kansas City.” “For over 33 years, the last 16 at 101 The Fox, Slacker loved to entertain his radio audience.”

Adams had previously disclosed that he was suffering with acute myeloid leukemia, a malignancy of the bone marrow and blood. Ending February with a “heavy heart,” Adams announced that he has decided to retire after consulting with his physicians and family.

In the statement, he stated, “I’m still fighting cancer.” “And in order to do my best, I’m going to have to dedicate myself at some point to that mission.”

Fervent Wish

In that program, Adams stated that he had fought with the choice to retire, adding that although it would be his “fervent wish” to continue broadcasting forever, his health would not permit it.

Adams supported numerous charities, including Cars 4 Heroes, and that “He pointed out the little absurdities we all deal with, making us laugh at him and ourselves.”

“Slacker was a voice of and for Kansas City, and was recognized by his peers as a Radio Legend. Sadly, the voice has stopped speaking.

“Slacker requested that you offer prayers for his family and all those impacted by cancer, if you so desire. And today, pick up the phone and give that person you haven’t had a chance to talk to a chat. That would please Slacker.”

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