Famous Canadian Crime is Recalled in “What Jennifer Did” on Netflix

It was a quiet night in Markham, Ontario on November 8, 2010 when 911 dispatchers received a distress call from 24-year-old Jennifer Pan. The screaming and crying woman said her parents were attacked by strangers after they entered the house and tied her to the railing.

During the call, Jennifer’s father is heard groaning in pain as she screams at him that she is calling the police. When authorities arrived, they found Jennifer’s mother, Bich Ha Pan, dead from a gunshot wound and her father, Hann Pan, seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma.

After being brought to the police station, Jennifer was questioned. She reported to the police that strangers broke into her house, bound her, and assaulted her parents. Before she heard two loud gunshots, she claimed to have heard the men tell her parents, “You lied to us.”

Bich and Hann immigrated to Canada before Jennifer was born, and in Netflix’s latest crime documentary, family friends describe the couple as having high hopes for their only child. They gave her piano lessons as a child and as far as they knew, she studied at the University of Toronto. Their expectations of Jennifer are also said to be the reason why they disapprove of her high school boyfriend, Danny Wong, a low-level drug dealer with an unremarkable reputation around town.

The two dated for six years, but during a weeks-long investigation, authorities discovered they had kept in touch, even though Wong had a new girlfriend at the time. They also learned that Jennifer had lied to her parents for years about attending college. But the biggest shock came later, when Jennifer’s father, Hann, woke up from a coma and pointed directly at his daughter, whom he said he found friendly with the unknown intruders into Pan’s family home the night he and his wife were shot was brutally killed.

With new reason to suspect Jennifer, investigators took a closer look at her and her phone records, which revealed an elaborate murder-for-hire plot – which allegedly ended in death of both her parents – regarding her ex-boyfriend-you and two other men.

Jennifer, Danny and their accomplices were eventually convicted of Bich’s murder and the attempted murder of Hann. All four recently appealed their first-degree murder convictions and received new trials, which have not yet been scheduled. What Jennifer Did looks at the investigative techniques that cornered Jennifer, what she believes really happened that night and introduces friends of the Pans family who are still struggling with disbelief in the face of what happened that night in 2010.



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