Mayor Marty Small and his Wife Charged for Abusing their Teenage Daughter.

Mayor of Atlantic City Marty Small and his spouse were accused on Monday of repeatedly beating and injuring their teenage daughter, including striking her in the head with a broom and rendering her unconscious. According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, charges of jeopardizing a child’s welfare were brought against both parents. Marty Small was also accused of simple assault, aggravated assault, and making terroristic threats. Three further charges of simple assault were brought against La’Quetta Small. “The defendants physically and emotionally abused their 15/16-year-old daughter on multiple occasions” in December 2023 and January 2024, according to a news release from the prosecutor’s office. 

Marty Small, wife charged

Mayor Marty Small and his Wife Abused their Daughter:

It claimed that Marty Small is accused of repeatedly striking his daughter in the head with a broom in one incident, knocking her out cold. According to the announcement, he is also accused of repeatedly striking his daughter in the knees, causing bruises, and threatening to toss her down a staircase and “smack the weave out of her head.” The superintendent of schools in Atlantic City, LaQuetta Small, is charged with repeatedly striking her daughter in the chest, causing bruises, and striking her in the mouth during a different altercation. According to the prosecutor’s office, LaQuetta Small is also accused of dragging her daughter by the hair and beating her with a belt on her shoulders, which caused marks. When contacted by phone, Small declined to comment and directed a reporter to his attorney, Ed Jacobs. When contacted for comment, the attorney did not pick up right away.

Monday’s mails seeking response from the Atlantic City Board of Education’s president and vice president were not immediately answered. A summons was sent to both Smalls along with the charges. At a press conference at City Hall earlier this month, Small claimed that the reason for the search of his residence in late March was “a private family issue,” not criminal activity. At the press conference, Small stated that he and his spouse had been in contact with state child welfare authorities and that they have nothing to conceal. “We’re going through family therapy, and that’s what this should be, a family matter,” he stated. The state Division of Child Protection and Permanency, according to a spokeswoman, is unable to publicly discuss its cases in order to preserve the privacy of individuals concerned. Small’s spouse and two kids joined him for the press conference, but they stayed silent and left before it was over.

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