Federal Antitrust Case Against Ticketmaster: Know More About It

According to several sources, the Justice Department is getting ready to sue Live Nation, the parent corporation of Ticketmaster, in federal court for antitrust violations.

Federal Antitrust Case Against Ticketmaster: Know More About It
Federal Antitrust Case Against Ticketmaster: Know More About It


According to persons familiar with the situation, the Wall Street Journal first revealed on Monday that the Justice Department plans to sue Live Nation for antitrust violations in the upcoming weeks. Due to their dominance in the ticketing business, which opponents claim has allowed them to boost the cost of live entertainment, Live Nation and Ticketmaster have come under intense public criticism.

Additionally, Ticketmaster has gained national notice for its malfunction that occurred during Taylor Swift’s online presale, depriving thousands of her fans of the opportunity to purchase tickets for her 2022 “Eras Tour.” Since then, issues regarding Live Nation, the parent firm of Ticketmaster, and potential anticompetitive behaviour have been raised by politicians.

The Justice Department authorized Live Nation’s 2010 merger with Ticketmaster, the promoter of concerts, after conducting an antitrust inquiry. Notwithstanding the worries expressed by legislators, Live Nation has insisted that there is intense competition in the ticketing market.

When The Hill contacted Live Nation about the Wall Street Journal article, they declined to comment.

Dan Wall, the head of corporate affairs at Live Nation, has refuted claims that Live Nation and Ticketmaster are to blame for exorbitant ticket costs. Earlier this year, he stated in a blog post that venues set additional service fees, while artists and their teams set the ticket rates.

“Fans are also told that service charges are Ticketmaster’s way of raising ticket prices. Ticketmaster does not set service charges, venues do, and most of the money goes to the venues,” Wall wrote.

He mentioned the supply and demand for live entertainment as another factor contributing to high ticket prices.

Additionally, Bloomberg revealed on Monday—citing three people with knowledge of the situation—that the Justice Department was getting ready to sue Live Nation for antitrust violations.

The Justice Department has been contacted for comment by The Hill.

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