A Chicago Mural with a QR Code is Linking to Taylor Swift

A few days before the release of her most recent album, Taylor Swift painted a painting featuring a “Blank Space” on a Chicago skyscraper. At the junction of Grand Avenue and Dearborn Street in the River North area, a large QR code was posted on the side of a building on Monday.

Taylor Swift sends message with Chicago QR code mural1

The code seems to consist of the letters “T-T-P-D” and the number 13, which is her favorite number and a reference to her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Cryptic Taylor Swift Mural Turns Heads in Chicago:

Following her shift on Monday at The Gage restaurant in Millenium Park, Jess Dennsion could not ignore a post she spotted on a fan page for Taylor Swift after clocking out.

Running to River North, she saw painters using a green scissor lift to construct a relatively unobtrusive QR code on the side of a building at 33 W. Grand Ave. using the initials “type” and the number 13.

A 13-second YouTube video linked to Swift’s profile may be viewed using the phone camera to scan the code. With around twenty other young women, Clare Doverspike looked upwards and said, “This is better than the eclipse.”

What could overshadow so glorious a celestial event? For Swifties, it was a giant QR code painted high up on the side of a building on West Grand Avenue near Dearborn.

Painters atop a bright green scissor lift appeared Monday evening and were still at work Tuesday afternoon. The code — made out of “ttpd” letters and the numeral “13” — an obvious hint for her soon-to-be-released album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Upon scanning the code using their phone cameras, users were sent to a 13-second Social Media video linked to Swift’s webpage. The YouTube video plays with the words “Error 321” and a fading “13” animating like a typewriter.

Before an album is released, Swift is renowned for sharing cryptic messages on social media.

DePaul University film student Katie Preo, 21, a devoted Swiftie, stood on Grand for four hours on Monday and returned on Tuesday. She attempted to tease the artists for information, but they seemed sworn to silence. She felt confident there was more to the QR code than at first glance.

This is because Chicago Swifties don’t always receive a lot of new stuff. About the hours she spent at the location, Preo remarked, “It’s usually international or the bigger cities.”

Preo said her “original hope” was that the coding would lead to a “poetry book.”

@bestdatefood In Chicago, Taylor Swift’s crew is now working on a mural that has a hidden message! #TaylorSwift #TheTorturedPoetsDepartment #Chicago The Lakes – Taylor Swift bonus track

She wasn’t sure, though. She saw “YouTube shorts” written in the minor pencil behind the code.

Preo predicted that she would release a music video, potentially for a single, or lyrics that would be up for interpretation. “She is a mastermind.”

The release of “The Tortured Poets Department” is set for Thursday at midnight Eastern Time.

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