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Veterinarian Charged with Arranging Sexual Abuse of Children

According to authorities, a Chicago-area man was arrested after an undercover operation in which he allegedly detailed his plans to sexually assault his surrogate child is expecting in March. Adam Stafford King, of Elburn, Illinois, was arrested Friday following an FBI investigation that began in October, according to online court records.

He is not currently facing any charges. According to the complaint, King, identified as a veterinary ophthalmologist, was exposed after allegedly sharing child pornography and making statements about child sexual abuse in conversations with another target of investigators in New York.

The application stated that the complaint indicates that at some point during the investigation, FBI agents obtained permission from their subject in New York to carry on a conversation with King based on his account. Authorities allegedly found several chat messages King exchanged during the investigation, including boasts about drugging and assaulting his nieces and nephews sexually. The criminal complaint claims that he told me that he would sexually abuse a newborn child he was expecting via a surrogate mother.

King also allegedly shared a photo of a jumpsuit while mentioning the child he was expecting with his partner, and investigators reported in the complaint that They later found a jumpsuit in his home that matched the photos in the messages they reviewed.

In one of the conversations with what he believed to be the New York subject’s account, King stated that his “favorite” age range for child victims was “in the single digits”, i.e. children under 10 years old, the states complained.

During a chat exchange, the account King maintained allegedly shared photos of an adult man having sex with a pre-pubescent child, investigators said in the complaint. King’s lawyers declined to comment when contacted Thursday. He has not been charged and his request for temporary release was denied on Tuesday.

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