SASSA Status Check – How To Check SASSA Status?

SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency. This is a government owned agency responsible for administering social grants to the individuals of South Africa. To get under this category, you should be under the eligible criteria line. 

The main motive of providing these aids is to provide financial assistance to the various vulnerable groups. The group which comes under this category includes the elders, differently abled persons, and children in need. 

SASSA Status Check - How To Check SASSA Status?
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SASSA operates various types of grants to provide assistance, including old age pension security, Children’s grants, disability grants, and various others. This agency helps a lot in alleviation of poverty by improving social welfare as a result, the gap between rich and poor gets minimized.

In order to check SASSA grant status, you should provide the following information on the portal first.

  • Provide your working mobile number to receive the SASSA identification PIN.
  • Submit the necessary information along with bank details to get a monthly grant directly into your account. This ensures the efficiency of transactions between you and the government.
  • After submitting the details you must check your status every 30 days. SASSA distributes these grants on a monthly basis. So keep your eye on checking balance.
  • Checking status is free of cost. There are no charges to check the status so you can easily get the information.

Make sure that all the documents are attached with true information to eliminate the chances of disapproval. 

How To Check SASSA Status?

To check, follow the below steps:-

  • Visit the official website and enter your SASSA ID number.
  • Prover the registered mobile number.
  • Click on the “Check Now” button to view your registration status. 

To Visit the official website, click here.

Understand Your Application Status

  • Pending Status – It is the initial status which means that your application is sent to the concerned department for verification.
  • Approved Status – Approved status means your application is approved by the agency and you will receive grants accordingly.
  • Decline Status – Decline status means that your application is rejected by the agency. The reason for decline is also attached with the status. 

These are the major statuses; however depending on the situation, there can be some other statuses also.

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