Harris in Arizona: Trump ‘Gaslighting’ on Abortion

During a campaign rally in Arizona on Friday, Vice President Harris frequently attacked former President Trump. A few days before, the state’s Supreme Court had upheld an 1864 law that criminalized conducting abortions. Vice President Harris also issued a warning against another Trump presidency.

Harris in Arizona Trump ‘gaslighting’ on abortion1

Harris Blasts Trump on Abortion at Arizona Campaign Stop:

Days after the state’s highest court maintained an almost complete abortion ban, Vice President Kamala Harris blamed former President Donald J. Trump directly during a rally in Tucson, Arizona.

During a campaign event in Arizona on Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris criticized former President Donald J. Trump about abortion rights. She said that Trump was directly to blame for a court ruling this week that maintained the state’s 160-year-old nearly complete ban on abortion.

Ms. Harris addressed a group of several dozen supporters at a community facility in Tucson, Arizona, saying, “Overturning Roe was just the opening act.” “Just the first step in a bigger plan to steal women’s liberties and rights. A full-fledged assault on reproductive freedom, state after state. And everyone needs to realize that former President Donald Trump is too responsible for this.

Ms. Harris continued by referring to prohibitions on abortion in states like Arizona as “Trump’s abortion bans.”

The Arizona Supreme Court decided this week that an 1864 statute outlawing nearly all abortions—except rape and incest—could be put into effect, although gradually. Physicians may be prosecuted under the statute passed before Arizona became a state.

The Court’s Decision:

The fact that the court’s ruling was made the day after Mr. Trump declared that abortion rights should belong to the states highlighted how unpopular the issue is among Republicans. Three Supreme Court justices whom Mr. Trump nominated during his administration voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in 2022. As a result, abortion restrictions have multiplied throughout red states.

Democrats have seized onto the Arizona measure, spearheaded by Ms. Harris. “Donald Trump did this” is a new ad campaign slogan that the Biden campaign unveiled. Arizona, which is hosting a campaign for an open Senate seat this year that may decide control of the chamber, has seen protests organized by pro-choice abortion organizations.

In his bid to win that Senate seat against Republican Kari Lake, Representative Ruben Gallego, a Democrat, declared, “This has been a very, very scary week for our state of Arizona.” The decision on Tuesday left us all stunned. The nation currently has the strictest abortion prohibition.

Motivated by the realization that abortion has helped their party achieve some surprising wins in the past two years, Democratic candidates throughout the country are concentrating on the topic of abortion in their campaigns. One of the few topics where President Biden outperforms Mr. Trump in the polls is abortion.

Mr. Trump opposes harsh limits, such as the six-week ban in Florida and the Arizona bill. He has said that Republicans are losing votes due to his support for the restrictions. However, if they win the presidency, his backers have plans to utilize the federal government to restrict abortion. Ms. Harris referred to such intentions in Tucson, which, according to The New York Times, would depend on upholding the Comstock Act.

Ms. Harris declared, “This is what a second Trump term looks like.” Less freedom, more significant hardship, and more prohibitions. Like he accomplished in Arizona, his main goal is to return America to the nineteenth century. The audience erupted in cries of “shame” as she explained the possible consequences of the 1864 statute.

The significance of abortion in the presidential race presents Ms Harris with an opportunity to raise her profile as vice president and increase her visibility on the campaign trail. She made history last month as the highest-ranking American official to ever visit an abortion facility.

In a statement, Carol Tobias, the head of the National Right to Life Committee, an anti-abortion organization, said, “Kamala Harris has become the abortion czar of the Biden administration.” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have participated in fear-mongering and misinformation instead of working with the pro-life movement to provide safety nets and programs that assist in promoting genuine solutions for women and their unborn children.

Mr Biden, an 81-year-old practising Catholic who has long voiced personal discomfort with the practice even if he has grown to be a fervent advocate of abortion rights, may not be the most natural spokesperson when it comes to abortion than Ms Harris. In his speech, he hardly ever uses the word “abortion.” On Friday, however, Ms. Harris dived deeper into the matter.

She claimed that the ability “to make decisions about one’s own body and not have the government telling people what to do” is a fundamental component of American freedom.

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