Who is Dangelo Russell girlfriend? Get Personal Details about American Professional Basketball Player

American professional basketball player D’Angelo Russell, better known as “DLo,” was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 23, 1996. He is a point guard with the Lakers franchise in Los Angeles. In the 2015 NBA Draft, D’Angelo was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers as the second overall choice. In 2016, he was honored with the NBA All-Rookie Second Team title.

d'angelo russell girlfriend

Who is Dangelo Russell girlfriend?

On May 9, 1999, Laura Ivaniukas was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Her parents, Linas and Milena Ivaniukas were middle-class when she was born. Regis and Matas Ivaniukas are the names of Laura’s two brothers. Laura, who was born and raised in Canada, immigrated to the US to pursue a profession in modeling. She is currently employed as a social media influencer and fashion model. She has more than 53,000 Instagram followers. Several businesses, including B&M in Toronto, Nomad in Los Angeles, CGM in Miami, Wonderwall in Milan, and Option 1 in Chicago, have worked with Laura. Laura is not only a well-known model but also a well-known fitness coach.

When did D’Angelo Russell and Laura Ivaniukas first meet?

D’Angelo is presently seeing fashion model Laura Ivaniukas. On the other hand, the precise day the pair met is unknown. Online sources claim that the couple has been dating since early 2020 and that they first connected through a familiar friend. D’Angelo and Laura are content with their shared life. Both continue to share content and stories on their social media platforms on a daily basis.

How many children do Laura and D’Angelo share?

Riley Jonas Russell, D’Angelo and Laura’s first child, was born on September 24, 2022, according to online sources. At just over a year old, Riley Jonas is frequently seen on the NBA court, where his mother is a D’Angelo supporter.

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