CCB Payment Dates April 2024

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB), one of the most significant government initiatives, assists Canadian families in meeting the cost of raising children. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) oversees the monthly tax-free payments that eligible parents receive. You must adhere to the CCB Payment Dates of April 2024 so your family can get timely and practical assistance. The government introduced the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) to help families become less financially stressed. The CCB is a tax-free monthly payment that helps families that qualify for it in 2024 cover the costs of rearing children under 18. See this page for further information on the CCB Payment Dates and Amount for 2024.

CCB Payment Dates April 20241

CCB Payment Dates April 2024:

One crucial financial support program, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Dates of CCB Benefits The primary objective of April 2024, which falls on April 19, 2024, is to assist families in covering the costs of raising children. The target audience for this tax-free monthly contribution is families with children under 18. By providing financial aid and supporting child-bearing expenditures, it aims to improve the general well-being and standard of living of Canadian families. Canada Child Benefit 2024 pays monthly benefits to people with children under eighteen. The $619.75 CCB payment is made to beneficiaries through the Canada Child Benefits method.

Those applying for the Canada Child Benefit (2024) must satisfy the conditions before applying. After meeting the conditions and having their papers correctly verified, they can benefit from the CCB Payment. It is recommended that those who have already applied for CCB payments in 2024 visit the website to find out their payment status, which is expected to be released in April 2024.

Canada Child Benefit April 2024 Details:

  • Benefit Name: Canada Child Benefit
  • Country: Canada
  • Payment Month: April
  • Payment to: Families of children of age much less than 18 years
  • CCB Payment Dates April 2024 Date: April 19, 2024
  • Official Website:


To be eligible for CCB payments, the applicant and the kid must meet specific standards.

For the child:

  • Must not be more than eighteen years old.
  • Must be either a Canadian citizen or have permanent residence status.
  • Living with the candidate for a minimum of six months is required.

For the applicant:

  • Both you and your spouse or partner must be Canadian citizens with permanent residency status.
  • The applicant must bear primary responsibility for the upbringing and care of the kid.
  • You must register your taxes with the CRA each year.

CCB Payment Dates 2024:

The CRA pays CCBs on CCB Payment Dates 2024 throughout the year. You will not get payments monthly if your annual benefit amount is less than $240. The dates are as follows:

  • January 19, 2024
  • April 20, 2024
  • March 20, 2024
  • April 19, 2024
  • May 17, 2024
  • June 20, 2024
  • July 19, 2024
  • August 20, 2024
  • September 20, 2024
  • October 18, 2024
  • November 20, 2024
  • December 13, 2024

CCB Payment Amount 2024:

Age of Child: Youngsters under six and those between six and seventeen pay different prices.

Adjusted Family Net Income (AFNI): The payment amount decreases when your income rises above a certain threshold.

Maximum Payment Amounts:

  • Children under six: $7,437 per year ($619.75 per month)
  • Children aged 6 to 17: $6,275 per year ($522.91 per month)
  • The maximum sums are listed here. Your family’s income may determine how much cheaper your CCB payment is.
  • Every July, the CCB payment is adjusted based on your salary from the previous year.
  • The base of the CCB amount is a graded scale. Your Adjusted Family Net Income (AFNI) will increase along with a decrease in the CCB Payment Amount in April 2024.
  • Use the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) CCB benefit calculator for your 2024 CCB Payment Amount.

Application Process:

  • To access your My Account, visit the CRA website and provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and date of birth.
  • The Overview page banner will cover the “Benefits and credits” section.
  • Then select “+ Add” after clicking on “Child information.”
  • The application procedure consists of three steps: verify your citizenship, marital status, and contact details; provide accurate kid information; thoroughly review all the materials; and submit your application.
  • A confirmation screen describing its status will appear after submitting your Canada Child Benefit 2024 application. If requested, kindly upload any further documents.

Factors Affecting CCB Payment Amount 2024:

Two primary elements impact the amount of the CCB payment you get in 2024:

Age of Child: Children under six and those between six and seventeen are subject to separate rates from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

  • Children under six: In 2024, the maximum CCB payment for this age group will be $7,437 annually or $619.75 monthly.
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 17: In 2024, the maximum CCB payment for this age group will be $6,275 per year or $522.91 per month.

Net Family Adjusted Income (AFNI): The CCB payment amount is determined by a graded scale. Therefore, this is a crucial issue. This is how your AFNI impacts your payment:

  • More significant Income, Lower Payment: Your CCB payment amount will progressively drop as your AFNI rises beyond a specific level.
  • Lower Income, Higher Payment: The maximum CCB payment for the age group in which their kid is enrolled will be closer to the reach of lower-income families.
  • Every July, the CCB payout is revised using the income tax return from the prior year. This implies that your 2023 income will determine the payment amount you get in 2024.
  • The number of kids in your care does not affect the CCB amount.

What to do for delayed CCB April 2024 Payments?

If your CCB payment is postponed, do the following:

  • Give yourself five working days to make up your mind.
  • Visit the CRA website and go through your My Account to see your payment status.
  • Check for any recent changes that could have caused the payment to be delayed.
  • If the issue persists after five working days, contact the CRA to learn more about your case.

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