Alabama Bill Defining Man, Woman Passes In House

Legislators in Alabama advanced legislation on Thursday that would establish the gender identity of individuals under state law, stating that the determination of gender must be based on reproductive systems rather than gender identity. This year, measures to codify definitions of sex have been submitted by Republicans in over a dozen states. Proponents argue that it’s necessary to bring clarity, while opponents claim it violates the rights of intersex, transgender, and nonbinary people.

Alabama Bill Defining Man, Woman Passes In House
Image Source – WRBL

This legislation, which states that “there are only two sexes,” was approved by the Alabama House of Representatives 77–24. It also defines male, female, boy, girl, mother, and father and puts them into state law. The Alabama Senate will now consider the bill. 

The bill’s Republican author, state representative Susan Dubose, stated in a statement, “In Alabama, we know what a woman is.” She declared, “This law will protect women’s rights, women’s spaces, and prevent sex discrimination while providing clarity for our courts and is an important step in increasing transparency in our state.”

Democratic state representative Marilyn Lands expressed her opinion of the law, saying, “I don’t believe it does anything to protect women’s rights.” “I think it’s trying to silence Alabamans who identify as transgender or nonbinary.” According to the bill, “sex does not include ‘gender identity’ or any other terms intended to convey an individual’s subjective sense of self.” Every individual is defined as either male or female. According to the law, sex is defined by reproductive anatomy.

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