28 Year-Old Joshua Martin Still Missing Days Later In Lincoln

OMAHA, Neb. – Days after he was last seen leaving a nearby mental health facility, 28-year-old Joshua Martin is still missing in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, becoming a family’s worst nightmare. His family is in a desperate situation due to the lack of information regarding his location, and they are holding onto hope despite their mounting concerns for his safety.

Joshua Martin, a Millard resident and inmate at a mental health facility at 1430 South St., Lincoln, disappeared in the afternoon of Friday, April 5, 2024. The last time the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) saw him was at 1:30 p.m., when he was leaving the building that had served as his residence since April 2023.

Joshua’s aunt, Kary Tronson, expressed the family’s suffering by narrating the debilitating terror and panic that descended upon them upon hearing of Joshua’s absence. “He’s in every thought, you can’t have a moment’s peace,” Tronson said, encapsulating the family’s constant state of anxiety.

The LPD has been scouring local video material, including traffic cameras and surveillance from nearby businesses, nonstop in the days since Joshua vanished. Joshua’s family and the authorities are at a loss for information as no solid leads on his possible whereabouts have been found despite their best attempts.

Joshua’s parents said over the phone that the last several days had been emotionally and mentally taxing, even if they were too upset to be on television. Joshua is said to have the functional level of a five-year-old, which makes the community and the Martin family’s concern for him even more, making it even more urgent to find him securely.

Joshua’s diagnoses of severe OCD and schizophrenia complicates his disappearance, thus it is critical that he returns safely. Tronson’s belief that Joshua might still be alive tells volumes about the hope that persists despite the chaos. Yes. I am, of course. When asked about her wishes for Joshua’s safety, she said, “That would be the best outcome.”

The LPD has expanded the search beyond local jurisdictions in reaction to Joshua’s disappearance by submitting his information as a missing person to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Joshua was 5’11” and 200 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts with a grey stripe.

Joshua’s family and the Lincoln Police agency (402-441-6000) encourage anyone with information to come forward and get in touch with them, as well as their local police agency if they live outside of Lincoln. Joshua’s last known movements may need to be pieced together, and the community’s help may be essential to ensuring his safe return.

The circumstances surrounding Joshua’s disappearance have spurred a more extensive conversation about mental health facilities’ obligations to protect the people under their care. Families who entrust their loved ones to these institutions feel betrayed because they expected a level of security and care that was, in this case, lacking. Tronson’s statement, “There’s a sense of trust that is lost then because if you can’t trust what they’re supposed to do then it makes you kind of angry,” reflects this betrayal.

The community is aware of the vulnerabilities posed by persons with mental health issues and is encouraged but cautious as the hunt for Joshua Martin continues. The aforementioned occurrence highlights the necessity of continuous discourse and enhancement in the care and security measures of mental health facilities. This is to guarantee that the most susceptible individuals are adequately safeguarded.

Joshua Martin’s disappearance serves as a sobering reminder of how brittle safety is and how crucial community watchfulness is. It is a call to action for better accountability and oversight of the delivery of mental health services. With each day that goes by, the Martin family and the Lincoln community grow more determined than ever to see Joshua home safely. One thing is known in this difficult time: Joshua Martin is greatly missed, and the hunt for him is being conducted with unflinching resolve.

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